Marvellous Mr Tuppy

I probably shouldn’t write about Mr Tuppy as currently I can just wander up and be assured of getting a seat. This little café has been flying under the radar, tucked away as it is in a nonedescript strip of shops in Tennyson Street, Elwood, but it is slowly gaining attention – and rightly so. Mr Tuppy bucks the trend of both super foods (enough with the kale, please) and smashed avocado with or without corn fritters, by offering full frontal, mouth tingling Asian flavours. You’ll not be sharing any of this as you’ll want it all for yourself.

The owners have converted what was once a dingy newsagency into a grungy, funky, exposed brick place of welcome. Up front are buckets of flowers for sale and the coffee machine, which cranks out a seriously good coffee (it was in fact the queue for coffee one Saturday morning that alerted me to Mr Tuppy’s existence). You then pass by the cakes and packs of Pocky and Hello Panda for sale, before spying the delicious looking and ever changing range of ice cream flavours. 

 Beyond the tiny kitchen space is the small seating area. The food preparation area may be small, and overflow into the seating area can and does occur, but they are churning out some great bites from it.

Choosing what to order takes time as it all sounds seriously delicious:

Today I opt for the L.F.C burger, and Lordy, Lordy I am very glad I did as a soft bun stuffed full of green papaya salad and a juicy soft shell crab lands in front of me. I am a very happy girl.

So, sshh, don’t tell anyone else about Mr Tuppy as I want to make sure I get my seat, but do yourself a favour and get on down.

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