New Kid on the Corner

There is one thing we are not short of in Elwood and that’s cafés. I have 7 within easy walking distance of home, in fact they are all in the one street. So, when another one opens it is usually a case of “Oh no, not another café”. And that has been my response so far to Junction, which is the reincarnation of what was previously Tonic, on the corner of Glenhuntly and Ormond Roads.

But, the new owners’ smiles are so welcoming, tinged with a fair degree of anxiety, that I felt compelled to give them a try. And, I am very glad I did. For a start, they are churning out seriously good coffee. In the case of the long black it comes with the nice touch of a small glass of a cleansing soda water on the side. The soy milk is Bonsoy, and the latté arrives with a smooth, creamy foam on top.

They have completely renovated the space, which is now a calm sea of white and baby blue – and have opened up the back courtyard, which hasn’t seen the light of day since this was a plant nursery back in the 1980’s (yes, we have been in Elwood that long). 

The menu includes the usual suspects from a broad church of influences, with the occasional twist (and we would encourage them to make greater leverage of their Asian heritage to differentiate themselves further from the pack – Asian breakfasts have so much to offer).

Pete had already tried, and enjoyed, the Chilli Scrambled eggs so opted for My Mexican Uncle this time round. Very tasty was the verdict.

I went for the Doughnut Burger. Have no idea why it is called this as no hole was in sight, but it was very yummy regardless. And very healthy as sweet potato is the new super food you know! Although, I think the cucumber & pineapple jam might have been MIA.

Another nice touch was the small white tablet and little dish of water that was presented to me with the direction to wet the tablet to wash my hands. Lo and behold, with the addition of a little water what appears to be a small white pill morphs into a fine, soft cloth. Ingenious.

I’m already planning to return to try Papa’s curry chicken with roti. If you’re in the area why don’t you give them a try and help reduce the new business anxiety of the very eager to please owners.

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