Run (to) Amok

Okay trendy Melbournians. Forget queuing to get into Hawker Hall. Instead, just mosey up another block (towards High Street), cross the road and you shall find the modern Cambodian delights of amok (119 Chapel Street, Windsor. Phone: 9525 0499. )


We stumbled across amok restaurant when we wandered down Chapel Street recently after a not very inspiring tapas meal. The place looked appealing, and the menu sounded delicious so we vowed to return as soon as we could. Going to see the terrific play Splendour at nearby Red Stitch ( provided us with the opportunity last night – and, we were not disappointed (either in the food, or, the play).

Deciding which of the delicious sounding dishes to try was the hardest part – as you can see for yourself:


Their website tells us that amok is the pride and joy of young chef Woody Chet, who has done time in the kitchens of Coda and Tonka. The menu tells us that he is also influenced by his Mum’s traditional Khmer cooking. We glance into the kitchen and sure enough, there is Mum working the wok in the kitchen. 

Back to the menu. We eventually decide on the cured salmon on betel leaf – absolutely delicious:

and the pork stuffed grilled squid from the “to share” section:

Together with the deep fried cauliflower side dish:

These delicacies were followed by the chef’s signature Cambodian duck curry:

I’m too full, and a play is awaiting, to try dessert. But rest assured, we will be back to sample more of amok’s enticing sounding, and fresh and vibrant tasting, dishes sooner rather than later. A great discovery on a street crowded with eating spots, and one that deserves to succeed and flourish. 

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