Drink and eat to help the world



(especially in Ireland, Scotland, and South Africa) an unlicensed establishment or private house selling alcohol and typically regarded as slightly disreputable.

(in South Africa) an informal licensed drinking place in a township.

In Melbourne, Shebeen means a jolly good time is to be found in Manchester Lane, where the $ you spend goes towards deserving projects in developing countries. As their website says: “A place to drink to the future” (http://www.shebeen.com.au).


Shebeen opened in 2013 and was one of the first, if not the first, not-for-profit bars in Australia. It channels the tin shanty shacks of South Africa, tucked into what initially appears to be a small space in Manchester Lane. However, like the Tardis, appearances can be deceptive and as you venture further in, more spaces are revealed. There are tables outside, tables inside, a back room and downstairs there is even a band room for live music.


You can choose a drink by what appeals to your tastebuds, or, by what appeals to your charitable nature. For example, the money from my South African Rose was being given to a literacy programme running in South Africa. 



 It isn’t all about the booze either. Shebeen offers a small, but globally eclectic, menu of affordable small meals that certainly aren’t gourmet, but are tasty, and do the job. Lizzie and I shared, and enjoyed, the black bean noodle salad and the chicken mole.

 So, when you’re next in town to meet up with friends, why don’t you try Shebeen and do yourself, and the world, a favour.

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