MIFF2015 – the final countdown

And so, the end is here. The days of constantly checking one’s film schedule (because no sooner have you looked than you have forgotten!); darting between cinemas; dodging and weaving amongst the dawdling pedestrians; planning when and where you can snatch a coffee or a wine or a snack; manoeuvring to get the best seat; immersing yourself into the sights, sounds and thoughts of a film, are over. MIFF2015 is a wrap for another year.

43 films in 17 days. How did my record sheet end up? Here goes:

My favourite films, highly recommended to see:

The Daughter (Australia)

Palio (documentary, Italy)

Mississippi Grind (USA)

Another Country (Australia)

A Perfect Day (USA)

99 Homes (USA)

Mavis (documentary, USA)

City of Gold (documentary, USA)

Films I Liked, worth seeing:

My love don’t cross that river (South Korea, documentary)

Mustang (Turkey)

Early Winter (Australia funded, but set in Canada)

El Cinco (Argentina)

Grey Gardens (USA, documentary)

Seymour:An Introduction (USA, documentary)

Tales (Iran)

The High Sun (Croatia)

Mediterranae (Italy)

The Second Mother (Brazil)

Tehran Taxi (Iran)

An (Japan)

Gayby Baby (Australia, documentary)

Democrats (Zimbabwe, documentary)

One Floor Below (Romania, only just scrapes into this group)

The Assassin (Taiwan, because it looked beautiful)

Mateo (Colombia)

The Pearl Button (Chile, documentary)

Theeb (Jordan)

The Postman’s White Night (Russia, mainly because it’s an interesting part of the world)

Fun but not aimed at me:

Dope (USA)

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (USA)

Worth seeing just because it’s so weird:

The Lobster (UK)


Sworn Virgin (Albania, the best of this bunch)

Tea Time (Brazil)

600 Miles (USA/Mexico)

The Wolfpack (USA)

The Treasure (Romania)

Downriver (Australia)

Our Little Sister (Japan)

Cooking up a Tribute (Spain)

Chronic (USA)

Bored me:

Phoenix (Germany)

My Golden Days (France)

Koza (Slovakia)

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