I think I’m turning Japanese

Today was a complete change of pace as I tapped into my inner craft woman and attended a workshop on the creative Japanese stitch of sashiko at Kimono House. Now, I am neither a sewer nor a patchworker. But, I love the look of patchwork, and I love the idea of being a quilter or embroiderer. So, my lovely friend Kitta gave me this workshop as my 60th birthday present, to get me started. No time like the retired present!

Sashiko is “a time long design of using the circle and square to create a visually pleasing design with secondary patterns.”  But, it is also a technique that requires precise measurements and stitching – despite the fact that the end result looks deceptively simple. Not skills that come particularly easily to me, the novice sewer.

However, choosing the fabrics to use was great fun – they are so very beautiful. It was akin to being in a lolly shop, without the calories. And, despite the fact that it took me 5 hours to produce ONE somewhat wonky square (and I’ve bought the materials to make 60!!), the day was highly enjoyable and I feel very pleased with myself. Of course, now I have to remember how to do it, and then have the discipline to see it through at home. Wish me luck!

One down, 59 to go.
One down, 59 to go.

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